The concussion turned the man into a musical genius


Сотрясение мозга превратило мужчину в музыкального гения Amazing event occurred in the United States.

Derek Amato is an American who at the time was in a world of printed publications because of their truly amazing stories.

Far from music, he one morning 13 years ago woke up a musical genius. Surprisingly, it happened after Derek had a brain injury.

So, head trauma overnight genius made him, moreover, from the poor and homeless, he became a musician, able to make your music money.

Derek Amato, from Denver, Colorado, he is now 53 years old. It is unknown why exactly he at one time was homeless, but it happened.

He says that he lost all of his investment in the business. So, sleeping in the car, Derek had tried unsuccessfully to find work.

27 Oct 2006 Derek dove into the shallow pool and badly banged my head on the bottom. He earned a concussion, but it wasn’t all at the same time he suddenly appeared a strange gift – Derek began to “see” music.

Сотрясение мозга превратило мужчину в музыкального гения

By his own admission, his head was suddenly filled with music, as if he saw a psychic vision of some black-and-white squares that accurately suggests piano keys.

In the end, the Mirage was a reality – Derek Amato, who could debrincat the guitar few simple chords, and never in my life did not take music lessons, perfectly suddenly began to play the piano.

Was that what happened with Derek – a rare case of so-called acquired Savant syndrome (Acquired Savant Syndrome). We know that many talented savants are those from birth, while people like Derek – not more than 30 worldwide.

Today, the former loser Amato became a respected musician. He still remembers in detail the autumn day of 2006, remembers the silence, which had settled inside his head, when he came out of the ill-fated pool.

It seemed to him that his ears are bleeding, but touching them with your fingers, he was convinced that it was not so. He saw that his friends say something to him, but to hear them could not.

He was taken to the hospital, where physicians diagnosed a serious concussion, and 35 percent hearing loss and a partial loss of memory.

Today, however, Derek never regret memory and hearing – instead, he got his gift, which he never wished to leave. Moreover, he believes that concussion is a very small price that he paid for her new amazing abilities.

Сотрясение мозга превратило мужчину в музыкального гения

Derek says that by the time he had a concussion, he had a few months, slept and lived in the car – financial Affairs drove him to a standstill. Now everything changed for him – he became a professional musician.

The Derek is very upset that his gift was not gone as suddenly as it appeared. However, doctors have concluded that the likelihood that the gift will leave a very small.

But in General, Derek Amato is now a person unique – cases in which Savant syndrome is not congenital, but acquired is extremely rare.


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