The cocoa producers want to increase the price by 400$


Производители какао хотят увеличить цену на 400$

Over the next two years, côte d’ivoire and Ghana have proposed to increase the price of cocoa to $ 400 per ton.

In order to make production more sustainable, the European Union supports an increase in the market price. As a result, the world market products where used cocoa will also increase in price, according to

Côte d’ivoire and Ghana, the world’s largest producers of cocoa. The main reason for price changes was the fight against poverty and a strong deficit in the agricultural sector.

Stop the use of child labour and deforestation of forests also played a role in this decision notes “КазахЗерно.kz”.

According to analysts, manufacturers of chocolate due to the increase in prices will not suffer much, because they have so high a profit.

Industry representatives noted that it is particularly important that the change in prices affected all producers, and not on individual companies.

This means that the cocoa price will depend on continued dialogue between the major countries-producers, traders and representatives of the European Union.


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