The cleaning of the Notre Dame from lead pollution began in Paris


From contaminated land, near the Cathedral, has removed a layer of soil to a depth of 40 inches.

In the French capital completely stopped the movement of pedestrians and vehicles in the vicinity of the burned Notre Dame Cathedral because of the start of works on cleaning of lead pollution, according to the with reference to

“These works will last at least until August 23. They will include three phases, which correspond to the three different areas”, – stated in the message.

It is assumed that on a flat surface under pressure will spray water with a special detergent, and benches, containers for flowers and lanterns will apply a special gel. However, it is noted that the contaminated land has removed a layer of soil to a depth of 40 inches.

In early may, the Prefecture of police of Paris, reported a significant excess of lead in the soil near the Cathedral. Per 1 kg of soil was about 10-20 g of the metal. Valid indicators are considered to be 0.3 g of lead per 1 kg of soil.

Nearby residents were warned about the possible contamination of lead at the end of April. Authorities urged them to clean and wipe furniture and other items.


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