The classic symptoms of mini-strokes, which is useful to remember


Классические симптомы микроинсульта, о которых полезно помнитьDoctors strongly recommend to know in advance how symptoms of minor stroke.

It turns out that mini-strokes can be transferred to the legs, but not necessary. Negligent attitude to their health may sadly reflect on his future life in General, especially when it comes to such serious diseases.

Symptoms of mini-strokes appear spontaneously, just as in stroke, and they like honey. The difference is that in the first case the next day, the person may get better and he will not even suspect that suffered an attack, which was struck by the small capillaries of the brain, and the second – the consequences are much more serious and the symptoms don’t just disappear because suffer major blood vessels of the brain and it can end in death.

Classic signs of mini stroke, which should alert you:

– violation of facial expressions and inability to control it;

– numbness of the lower and upper limbs, which often occurs from one side;

– loss of sensation of the muscles all over the body and face including;

– violation of coordination of movements;

– dizziness;

– difficulties with concentration of gaze and attention on one subject;

– change the gait;

– warping of speech, which is difficult to understand what a person says;

– negative reaction to bright lights and noise;

– nausea, which usually ends with vomiting;

– fever or chills.

If the symptoms are worse with each passing hour, the question is not about mini-strokes, and the stroke without emergency physicians already can not do.

The appearance of the characteristic symptoms of mini stroke or stroke you should immediately call an ambulance, because only physicians can provide the necessary assistance to the patient and to save him not only from heavy impact but also from death.


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