The Chinese want out of the market, Rolls-Royce


Rolls-Royce may soon be under pressure on the luxury car market from a little-known Chinese brand.

Oriented towards the domestic market, the Chinese car manufacturer Hongqi, which in 2018 poached the chief designer of Rolls-Royce Giles Taylor, planning an attack on the Chinese market, which will eventually become global.

As part of the FAW Group, one of the largest car manufacturers in China, Hongqi seeks to achieve leadership in the market, using a rich cultural and historical heritage, which includes the creation of an official government limousines, such as the popular L5.

Currently, Taylor said that he became a world-leading Vice President of design and chief creative officer in Munich. He plans to build a flagship luxury car that focuses on wealthy Chinese buyers, who traditionally tend to purchase Rolls-Royce.

“We choose young customer with great wealth — they want to buy Chinese,” Taylor said. But, according to Taylor, instead of having to clone Rolls-Royce, any flagship Hongqi developed under his leadership will have its own personality.

“We need to find a new Chinese, and innovative digital way to create new cars Hongqi that face alone,” said he, so they cannot “blame the fact that they are a copy of a Rolls-Royce”. We are not going to do that.”

Taylor quoted the Chinese culture as a source of inspiration for the new brand and added confidently that Hongqi “will become the number one brand in China.” Taylor believes that the new limousine Hongqi can challenge the British brand in content and innovation — and thus have an expensive price tag.

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“The withdrawal of Chinese” rolls-Royce” from China will always be a problem, because the 114-year heritage of Rolls-Royce was grown, processed and improved decade after decade. We need to develop a method to carefully develop your brand and platform outside of China and it will take time,” said Taylor.


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