The Chinese station took panoramic shots of the back side of the moon


Китайская станция сделала панорамные снимки обратной стороны ЛуныStation “Chang’e-4” has landed on the side of the moon 3 Jan.

Chinese space station “Chang’e-4”, which on 3 January for the first time in the history of mankind landed on the back side of the moon transmitted to Earth a panoramic images of the surface of the moon, reports the China national space administration.

It is noted that the images were made using a topographic camera mounted on the station. The researchers emphasize that based on the data obtained they were able to conduct a preliminary analysis of the terrain around the region landing.

“As of 08.00 11 Jan (02.00 CET) on the unit “Chang’e-4”, lunar Rover and a satellite repeater “, Zhuazao” were in a stable condition, all the work was completed according to plan. The topographic camera on the lander probe, has completed a panoramic shot”, – is spoken in the message of Agency.


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