The Chinese firm will invest huge amounts of money into creating a flying car


Китайская фирма вложит огромные деньги в создание летающего автомобиляThe Chinese are very interested in the new miracle of technology.

The company Lilium, which is developing a flying car, announced another round of investment of $90 million this time for investors to join a Chinese technology giant Tencent.

Lilium Aviation is working on a lightweight, compact — car-sized — aircraft, which can make long-distance flights at altitudes up to 3,000 meters. The reserve needs to reach 300 km and Speed of flight of 300 km/h. According to the statements of the creators of a flying car spends 90% less battery than any alternative.

In April it became known that the company conducted the first successful test of a full-size model of his car. In the remote mode, double Lilium Jet successfully took to the air, like a helicopter, moved in the aerodynamic flight mode, and then vertically dropped to the ground. The first manned flights the company plans to start in 2019.

Lilium also recently announced plans by 2025 to start flying taxi. Specifically for this case, the company hired former managers Gett and Airbus. According to the plans, five-electrocapillary taxi can be called using the application. The planes will take off from helipads in the city. For example, the flight over new York from Manhattan to JFK will take 5 minutes and cost $6.


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