The child’s mother from advertising H&M has reacted to the scandal with the “best monkey”


Мама ребенка из рекламы H&M отреагировала на скандал с «лучшей обезьянкой»The woman wrote the opinion in a social network.

The mother of 5-year-old model of advertising H&M, who has dressed for campaign hoodie with the inscription “the Best monkey in the jungle”, Terry Mango, responded to the unfolding scandal . In her opinion, the prosecution of a retailer of clothing racism is “unnecessary”.

A woman from Stockholm, Sweden, decided to write about his position in the comments at Facebook, where he called on prominent celebrities stop blaming the clothing brand. According to her, Terri did not understand the indignation which was provoked by the advertising.

“I’m a mom, this is one model of clothing from hundreds of other in which posed for my son. This problem is not needed. Enough to howl like a wolf about it all the time. Busting it,” said Terry Mango in one of the posts of the company, which was subsequently removed.

In another message, she added: “This is my son … He participated in all the photo shoots of clothing and this was no exception. But everyone is entitled to their opinion about it.” In response to the statement of one of the users of Facebook, who asked about her position, Mango concluded that it was “not her way of thinking”, although “everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

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By the way, the scandal was one of the first responded to the famous canadian rapper The Weeknd, who officially announced that after this ad refuses to cooperate with H&M.


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