The children have no money. Why Ukraine is not going to Eurovision


На детей денег нет. Почему Украина не едет на детское Евровидение

Proudly and pompously held in Kiev the Eurovision song contest in 2017, this year Ukraine has been unable to hold a national selection to the children’s Eurovision. In addition, the country will not be able to subsidize the participation of the winner in the final of the European song tournament, which will take place in Minsk

As a result, Ukraine does not take part in the competition.

“In the distribution of expenditures of the state budget of Ukraine for the year 2018 for NOTE (national public broadcasting company of Ukraine — ed.) provided only 776 million, which does not cover the current operating expenses of the company until the end of 2018 (the budget deficit NOTE 2018 is 759 million UAH — ed.) because the funding is less than half the amount guaranteed by the Law of Ukraine “On public television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine”, which States that the budget NOTE should be 0.2% of the expenditures of the General Fund of the state budget of Ukraine for the previous year, to 1.54 billion UAH”, the statement says the SEC from July 9.

Following this, a member of the NOTE of Alexander Koltsov (it — official web site of the famous Ukrainian rock band “Kryhitka” alias Kasha Saltsova) on his page in Facebook has outlined five reasons why Ukraine still needs to present the Junior Eurovision song contest.
However, she said that because of the lack of money Public television is forced to abandon the broadcast of the summer Championships in athletics in Berlin, at risk stream of the future Olympic games and buying the rights to the world Cup the biathlon world 2018/19 and even the failure of preparation for the Eurovision-2019.

Ukrainians are deprived of their culture

To discuss the news about Junior Eurovision, on Thursday, July 12, in Kiev organized a press conference.

“As shown by the recent history of Ukraine, our people have no culture, and this gap in consciousness need to be filled. And the children’s Eurovision — this is what funds should be invested for growth of Ukrainian culture. Therefore, the refusal of Ukraine to participate there I took a negative,” said one of the participants of the press conference, member of the jury of the national selection for Junior Eurovision Vadim Lisitsa.

Knowing about the plight of Public TV, Fox suggested to contribute to the cost, preparation and broadcast of the Junior Eurovision took commercial channels. For example, STB.

However, he immediately added: the ratings of this festival, as the project in Ukraine is very low. So it is unlikely that the STB will be interesting to do this project.

“STB has shown that what they do has become a rather commercial TV product. And it just became a huge platform for young artists who, even did not go to the Eurovision song contest, became stars,” explained Fox.

Want the Eurovision song contest — ask your parents

Opponent Fox was made by the actor and TV presenter Vyacheslav Solomka. He sees nothing wrong in the fact that Ukraine will not be able to send someone to Eurovision. According to him, both adult and children’s competitions are very political, and taking action, the country and the winner of the long are determined by political factors, and not on the degree of talent of the participants and the voting results.

“This was said by the participants and people involved in the organization of this contest. It is not right that such competition, which helps us to discover talents,” says the Straw.

He believes if parents want their child to become famous and have to go abroad to represent our country through song, this question, in his opinion, “very easy to deal with”. With money that will pay the parents.

Except for Ukraine, participation declined, Bosnia and Herzegovina (due to financial problems in connection with the sanctions); Denmark (say, children play adults and adults sing songs, then have a go on the rails of the adult Eurovision, while they are supposed to be children); Lithuania (almost the same reason as that of Denmark); United Kingdom (for unknown reasons).

But after the break the contest returned to Wales as part of the United Kingdom.

Stoked creativity

According to Vadim Lisitsa, all the top artists of American show business brought up at such contests since the age of five.

“Yes, there’s the Eurovision, it’s called something different in each state and Central channels of the mass of these festivals. All these artists that we love and listen to in the playlists, with five years passed these competitions,” he responded to the skepticism of journalists Vadim Lisitsa.

He asks the question: how in the world will know about Ukrainians if their creativity stoked? But Straw insisted: many domestic singers out of many home talent shows and festivals (such as, for example, “Tavria games”) and won the award “Golden Firebird” for their music.

However, the finalists of the national selection of the Junior Eurovision-2017 14-year-old Veronika Kovalenko agree with the allegations of the member of the jury of Foxes. So, she said that the Junior Eurovision song contest for her — a special incentive and motivation. And Ukraine’s refusal to participate upset Veronica — she had high hopes for this contest.

“Undoubtedly, we have a bunch of sites. They are for development and for the experience. But Eurovision is something more ambitious. It’s an incentive for every aspiring artist. There you show what you have achieved. There will appreciate you, and perhaps you will bring a part of our culture in Europe. So, my dream has always been the ticket to Eurovision. I know many of my friends wanted to go to Eurovision”, — voiced his position Kovalenko.

Tired sharovarschina

Fox is sure competing, the contestants grow and develop, and “grow together and our country.”

“Then we get quality artists, not sharovarin that has captivated our country. We are fighting for the development of culture, so that people listening to normal music, not some kind of get a misunderstanding,” — commented member of jury of the national selection.



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