The championship of Ukraine “Dnipro” and “dawn” smash rivals


Чемпионат Украины: «Днепр» и «Заря» громят соперниковClubs from the Dnieper and Lugansk continued the trend of defeat in the opening round of the Premier League.

Zarya did not meet with much resistance from the Olimpik Donetsk team Yuriya Vernidub has shipped three unanswered goals, securing a perfect start to the season. Nigerian Emmanuel Bonaventure had 18 minutes to mark his debut goal in the championship of Ukraine. The African initiative was soon supported by ljubenovic, and before the final whistle Tkachuk headed in a cross from the corner flag.

Zoria – Olimpik D 3:0
Goals: Bonaventure, 18, Ljubenovic, 26, Tkachuk, 89

Dawn: Shevchenko — Tkachuk, Checher, Gordienko, Sukhotsky — Rock, Grechishkin — Petryak, Ljubenovic, Karavayev (Kulach, 71 (Sobol’, 75)) – Bonaventure (Paulinho, 54)

Olympique D: Makharadze – Partsvania (Oleynik, 75), Illa-Ajet, Grishko, Nemchaninov — A Stroll In The Park, Drachenko — Tank, Doronin (Postupalenko, 61), Shestakov — Matyazh

Warning: Bonaventure, Grechishkin, Tkachuk — Drachenko

Updated “Dnepr” under the leadership of Dmitry Mikhaylenko made a splash in the match with “Volyn”. Boys, Dnipro literally mocked by more experienced rivals from the luck – led by Kravchenko and Polito, youth masters five times opened the visitors ‘ defence, but the score could be much bigger…

So Dnipro sensationally topped the standings of the Premier League. The path is on one round.

Dnipro — Volyn 5:0
Goals: Balanyuk, 5, 22, Kogut, 16, Vakulko, 85, Kochergin, 90

Dnepr: Shelikhov — Fedorchuk, One, Cheberyachko, Field — Vakulko (Cheberko, 87), Kogut (Kochergin, 72), Kravchenko, Polito, Bliznichenko (Lunev, 86) — Balanus

Volyn: Kichak — Nikitiuk R., Loginov (Lyashenko, 73), Shabanov, Shapoval — Humeniuk, Herasymiuk — Dudik (Petrov 46), Didenko, Zaderatsky — Kosiba (Chepelyk, 61)

Warning: Kogut — Shabanov


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