The championship for the cops, a feast for the rectors


Чемпионат для ментов, праздник для ректоров

Russian students who study in the host cities of the 2018 world Cup, massively evicted from hostels. In their place, populated with policemen and employees of Regardie. It’s all happening on the basis of contracts between universities and security forces and on the recommendation of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, writes “Kommersant”.

Reports of the eviction from hostels has already arrived in the Russian student’s Union (RSS) from Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Samara and Saransk.

The Ministry of education admits that “a recommendation is developed on behalf of the government.” The representative of the organizing Committee “Russia-2018” States that “such directives on placing anyone could not be,” and the placing of the security forces – the handiwork of security forces.

However, the process is already running. For the solemn entry of cops in the summer of 2018 shift schedules of sessions and “compacted” program through educational Saturday. The article mentioned the Russian universities which want to exchange students on cops:

• Nizhny Novgorod state University. N. I. Lobachevsky (UNN)

• Nizhny Novgorod state technical University (NSTU)

• Nizhny Novgorod state medical Academy (Nizhny Novgorod state medical Academy)

• Samara state transport University (Samara state)

• Samara state medical University (Samsmu)

Most interesting is that University presidents believe that is as it should be.

Rector of NSTU (give Regardie 4 dormitories of 6) Sergey Dmitriev:

“With students we spoke, all understood. We have Luggage storage, and heavy things students can Park there.”

Camera storage they have, on**et! And you have a conscience?

It’s hard for me to imagine that those evicted from hostel students were not opposed to them being evicted. Yes, the student in the Dorm, especially if it’s a freshman, so many things. But still in this lying slightly hard to believe. Besides, the extra money for a rented apartment or even a ticket to at home while studying is not at all. Most likely, there was a whip involved either in the form of threats of expulsion, or the carrot in the form of promises of increased scholarships and machine guns on a number of subjects. And maybe both.

100% is not yet clear, but the article implies that the University presidents will get the loot from the interior Ministry and Regardie for the accommodation of the cops.

If they were going to spend the money on a temporary settlement of the students in other dorms and apartments? No! The heads of the universities sending students to relatives in other cities.

“PI**uyte from Samara! Then you have nothing to do. The championship is not for you” implies Pro-rector on scientific work of Samara state Maxim Garanin:

“There is no need to be in Samara, and hence the need for hostel”.

It seems to me, just no longer required in finding Maxim A. Garanina on a post of the rector of the Samara state.

This brazen character denies students not only to stay in the hostel. He denies them summer jobs, the ability to see the home world Cup, the pleasure to walk the streets of Samara, relax on the Volga embankment, to go to theatres and cinema… Samara is not for students, I’m sure Garanin.

Rector of Samara state medical University Gennady Kotelnikov who has suddenly found himself the head of the Committee on education and science of the Samara regional Duma, believes that “Ukraine should show hospitality and to adequately respond to not only the guests of the championship, but those who will organize the security.” Under the pretext of hospitality from Samara state medical University hostels evicted 450 future doctors and inhabit 450 cops.

Do you still have questions about who needs this championship?

Pathetic babble of the Ministry of education about “meet all the requirements of the law” and “respect the rights of all students” is worthless.

Any rights the students have. The University may at any time to evict any student under the pretext of “violation of the rules of dormitory” or to refuse admission due to lack of housing.

Each year, dozens of Russian universities quietly evicted students on summer vacation, saving millions of rubles. That is why ohrenevshy rectors, for which it has long been the norm, I do not see anything special about the place students settle in to the cops.

Polished guys with double chins and candelaabra fingers will be happy to serve MIA because they don’t care about those who controlled the universities.


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