The chamber found a way to increase taxes on the Russians


В Счетной палате нашли способ увеличить налоги на россиян

The accounts chamber of the Russian Federation believe that the system of property taxation of the Russians needs to be improved. Among the proposals the Agency is “forced” cadastre “old” property and the removal of restrictions on the offsetting of taxes.

The chamber has decided to develop a package of proposals to change the administration of property taxes from physical persons, according to RBC. So she considers necessary to carry out the state cadastral accounting of real estate objects, rights to which arose prior to 1998, to assess their cadastral value and calculated tax. The Agency also proposes to revise the system of providing subjects of the Russian Federation of the benefits of expensive cars, setting the limits and power.

Among other things, the chamber proposes to consolidate the regulatory definitions of “individual house”, “garage”, “shed”, “a unified real estate complex”, “unfinished construction object”, “other buildings”. This is due to the abuses that are encountered in the registration of capital construction objects. The Agency also proposes to accelerate the implementation in all localities of the country complex of cadastral works, to make information on land objects, correct and up to date.

The Ministry sent its proposals to the government, the Federal tax service (FTS) Service registration “Rosreestr”. The tax reported that “the proposals of the accounting chamber will be worked on in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economic development, Ministry of transport and the Federal service for state registration”.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin was indignant extortion from victims of natural disasters, reports “national news service”. The head of audit chamber Tatyana Golikova has informed him that in the Stavropol region expert organizations demanded money for issuing certificates confirming that their housing fell into disrepair during the flood.


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