The causes of breakages of cars after long idle time


Названы причины поломок автомобилей после долгого простояFor these reasons, it is important to remember.

Experienced drivers tell us that without periodic use of the vehicle, the main fault arise due to premature breakage of the metal elements of the machine.

According to the owners, within two weeks of finding the car in the Parking lot under the open sky, in the first place exposed to the negative effects of downtime and brake system are covered by a layer of corrosion caliper, brake pads and rotors.

Also, motorists claim that the seals of valves, seals and gaskets without contact and contact with engine oil quickly deteriorate because the material from which the elements are made (rubber), subjected to desiccation and loses its elasticity.

During the period of idle vehicles under the open sky, loses the structure of the engine oil in the vehicle. This product has the property of splitting on the bottom first, there is sediment, then the oil turns into black sludge, it leads to a complete overhaul of the motor or to undesirable and expensive replacement. Drivers are advised to change the engine oil, if vehicle is not used for its original purpose.

In addition, prolonged non-use and keeping the car in absorbent the room adversely affects the brake fluid, which is no bad feature to pull and accumulate moisture, as a result, this machine element loses performance.

The owners suggest, if there is a need to put the car in the Parking lot, in this case, it is better to choose for your iron friend a safe place, with no moisture or direct sunlight.

In this embodiment, it will be possible to postpone the visit of the visit of STO, while maintaining the technical characteristics of the car.


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