The cars subject to vandalism most often


Эксперт назвал автомобили, подвергающиеся вандализму чаще всего Also referred to as hazardous date for machines on the street.

Vandals often scratch and otherwise damage it small cars. So, loved the intruders with statistics more than one car from the hundreds of Smart Cars. Continue the parade of cars Mini is one of thousands of damage astoundly.

The following three brands that are attacked: Alfa Romeo, BMW and Mazda, Metro writes, citing one of avtostroy companies. Statistics were prepared based on the complaints of car owners for 2014-2017.

So, vandals often scratch the paint on the car – okok 15% of cases. This is followed by damage to the bumper and the front doors are 12 %.

Cars damaged mostly in October, particularly on Halloween. During this period the usual number of damaged cars rises by about 8 %. The happiest month for car owners – Dec. The number of damaged cars is reduced by 12 %.

“The attacks of the vandals leave not only damage to the car, but also stress to their owners. Therefore, even for minor incidents contact the police as this will allow timely oblagorozheny attackers,” — said the Director of the insurance company.

In addition, even minor scratches or damage to your vehicle can seriously affect the price when reselling.


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