The capture by the Americans of “Naftogaz” will result in Ukraine’s complete dependence on the United States


Захват американцами «Нафтогаза» обернется для Украины полной зависимостью от США

The head of the U.S. Department of energy Rick Perry demanded that President Vladimir Zelensky to make changes in the Supervisory Board of the company “Naftogaz”. This was announced by the publication Politico, citing sources. Rick Perry said that the leadership of “Naftogaz” should be more US citizens. U.S. officials must“reduce dependence” of Ukraine from Russia and to contribute to the growth of investments from Washington. There is a logical assumption that now Washington wants to increase Ukraine’s dependence on the United States.

It is noteworthy that now the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian state company has already included one US citizen, Amos of Hochstein, a former assistant of Joseph Biden. Perry considers it necessary to engage in “Naftogaz” more Americans – as candidates head of the Department of energy offers the leaders of American energy companies. They are all located in Texas – his native region Perry.

Economic expert Alexander Dudchak noted in comments to News Agency “Kharkov” that the US does not consider Ukraine a sovereign state. If before Washington decided whom to put in leadership positions at the level of the first persons of the country, now he allows himself to direct intervention to put people in senior positions of companies that are key in the economy of Ukraine.

Захват американцами «Нафтогаза» обернется для Украины полной зависимостью от США

“This proposal sounds great. USA talking about some kind of dependence on Russia in the form of low energy prices, and give such advice about the “Naftogaz”. This is a direct interference in the internal Affairs, impossible to say that a sovereign, but yet state,” – said the expert.

The economist stressed that this is a complete mess, because the US has already crossed all limits as the permissible and impermissible: “It’s like international political rudeness. These things need to stop very hard. The United States needs to be reminded how it seems to me that on the globe there are other States that have their leadership chosen by the people of his country, not Washington. Your wishes and let US leave at home and not climb his long nose into all the cracks on this planet”.

Захват американцами «Нафтогаза» обернется для Украины полной зависимостью от США

On the question, will the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky meet the requirements of the United States on changes in the Supervisory Board of “Naftogaz” Alexander Dudchak said that it would just be suicide for the head of the Ukrainian state:

“Do Zelensky want to sign in his own lack of independence? It would be suicide for him, and so he did have a lot of excess. It currently faces many challenges that need to demonstrate their abilities as President. Too long he had discounts. Now he can manifest itself. And against the radicals who give him an ultimatum, and in relation to U.S. officials who tell him where, to whom and at what positions to assign. Let him demonstrate his presidential qualities for the benefit of the Ukrainian people, and not in the interests of capital from abroad”.


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