The capricious river Kador


She is so freedom-loving and capricious that flows as he wants and where he wants. Somewhere it spreads into several branches, each of which can be considered independent of a large river.

In other places it merges into a single stream, which majestically carries its waters into the Black sea.

Friend Alexander Gorodyankin

This is one of the biggest rivers on the territory of Abkhazia. There is a Podust, barbel, Chub, bleak, roach-bystryanka, sculpin, and minnows. But the main fishing wealth, of course, is the trout and black sea trout.

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In order to try to catch these wonderful representatives of the salmon, my friends and I organized a trip on this river.


Photo:Gennady Shelyag.

I can say that I always help one of the best experts of the sport and Amateur fishing in Abkhazia – Alexander Gorodyankin. I am proud of friendship with such a wonderful person!

Unkillable UAZ

We left the Parking lot the jeep, and move to the more vseporodny and indestructible terrain UAZ. The fact that an ordinary car to the river can only be accessed in its lower reaches.


Photo:Gennady Shelyag.

Just upstream of the lead path, which is very difficult to call roads. In addition, after the floods the riverbed and the shoreline kept changing, making access and approach to the river is simply unpredictable.


So we are on the river. My friends all the spinning, I have one fly-fishers. I had to go fishing on so many rivers from Tuapse to Adler, as well on many rivers of Abkhazia, but this river is really majestic.

I knew that no matter what we catch, catch on this river is a real treat! The water was not completely transparent, because it began to melt the snow in the mountains.

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I am armed with a camera to capture trout or brown trout immediately make such necessary and long-awaited pictures for yourself.

Trout caught!

I have extensive experience fishing in the mountain rivers of the Caucasus. Believe that how to read a river and to identify promising places for fishing. But local fishermen, of course, do it much better. They have a real flair for fish. In this ocean of water to find the hole to check its working a crankbait for a few casts is a real skill.


Photo:Gennady Shelyag.

Generally, fishing in the mountain rivers is an art, and catching them on artificial lures – it’s all an art. In order to make the right transaction at the bottom, to expose fish under the nose of the bait in not very clean water – you need to try. And that Ruslan Lacava happened very quickly.

I got a phone call and rushed off to do a photo shoot. Beautiful brown trout was seduced by the small length of only 5 cm Wobbler. And caught it in a small hole in one of the three sleeves, which at this place flowed a river.

Consolation prize

The increased water level, it is not full transparency, of course, created a problem for fishing. For fly fishing I chose places only a very weak current in order to do as more controlled transaction.

I to this day has failed to catch trout, but the consolation prize was caught bleak and roach-bystryanka. Still some result.


Photo:Gennady Shelyag.

Catch fly fishing on the new river, not knowing the proven flies that have verified locations and General situation by the presence of fish is all like looking for a needle in a haystack. You need some time to explore the river, pick up a working fly, to choose a favourable time for fishing.

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Asking here is not who, fly fishing on the river Kador don’t catch anybody! But it does not upset me, I’m not afraid of any difficulties. Conducting endless experiments on the new river, I feel like a beginner, which makes only the first steps in fly fishing. This is a wonderful and long forgotten feeling for me.

Have something to dream about!

My companions on this day also caught a few trout about the same size, and we finished the day fishing. She was really labor.

Not held to catch sea trout, which I was hoping for. But it’s not terrible – have something to dream about!

Until we meet again, the capricious river Kador!


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