The Cabinet was told about the restrictions for motorists at the time of quarantine


Limits apply to current and future car owners.

In Ukraine in connection with the extension of quarantine measures until may 22, the government imposed a number of restrictions for motorists, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

It is stated in the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 255.

It should be noted that the limits apply to current and future car owners.

So the government resolution was allowed: to drive your car, not only in Ukraine but also abroad, but through a limited number of border crossing points (it should be noted that some settlements are restricted); to transport in a passenger car passengers; to be in the car without a mask; to fill the car, drink coffee and eat at the filling station; washing and repairing their cars on their own; to repair the car for a HUNDRED and give it to the service; to buy a new car and auto parts; register a new car online; exchange online driver’s license; to take a car in rent; to certify a vehicle; to insure the car or the paperwork for reimbursement when the insured event.

At the same time, the government prohibits motorists: use the car on distance more than 2 km from the house to individuals who need isolation, to people over 60 who do not work in strategic sectors; to enter a city or village that is recognized as a hotbed COVID-19; it’s legal to buy used cars.


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