The building of the Ukrainian TV channel nationalists threw bombs and flares


Здание украинского телеканала националисты закидали шашками и файерами

Activists protested against the initiative of the channel to hold a teleconference with Russia and demanded to take away the media license. In Kiev, near the building of the TV channel NewsOne on Monday evening, July 8, was held to protest against a teleconference with Russia. The activists held placards and threw in the front of the channel smoke bombs and flares, according to Interfax-Ukraine. It is noted that the building of the TV station gathered several hundred people, mostly activists of the National corps and other nationalist organizations. Also to the office of the TV channel buses arrived with the police. At the beginning of the meeting, the participants pelted the territory of the TV station with flares and firecrackers. Then with the improvised tribune began to be activists. They laid the responsibility for the fact that in Ukraine there are Pro-Russian media, the President of Ukraine and Verkhovna Rada. Also, the protesters demanded to bring to criminal responsibility the head of the political Council of the party of the Opposition platform – For the life of Viktor Medvedchuk, and the channel to pick up the license. According Lbia activists chanted “Medvedchuk, burn in hell!”, I outlined the Windows and the asphalt spray. In addition, activists urge Ukrainians to come on Tuesday, July 9, at 10:00 the building of the national Council on television and radio demanding to take away the license of the TV channel NewsOne. The area of the channel surrounded by the police and the National guard – about 200 militiamen. Also in the surrounding streets hosts the buses and paddy wagons of police officers. As reported, the TV channel NewsOne, which is included in the media group Viktor Medvedchuk, and Russian state television were going to be held on 12 July of the joint telethon “Need to talk”, which caused protests and statements by politicians. President Zelensky recorded on this occasion, a video message, calling the teleconference a cheap PR. Later, the channel announced the cancellation teleconference with Russia. In the evening of the national security Council held a meeting which gave instructions to the security forces.


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