The British announced the intercept Russian bombers


Британцы заявили о перехвате российских бомбардировщиков

British fighter jets Eurofighter Typhoon took to the air over the Black sea and intercepted six Russian bombers su-24. This is stated in the British air force, reports TASS.

According to the Royal air force to intercept 13 Aug flew stationed in Romania planes. It is noted that when the approaching Russian planes have turned to the direction of the Crimean Peninsula. In the British air force also added that the night before in the area recorded increased activity of Russian military aviation.

Official comment of the Russian defense Ministry has not yet been reported.

The Agency regularly reports on the planned maneuvers, and the intercept military aircraft from other countries which fly along the Russian borders. The Ministry also emphasize that the long-range aviation pilots regularly fly over the neutral waters of Arctic, Atlantic, Black sea, Pacific ocean. All flights are performed in accordance with international regulations, the boundaries of other States are not violated.

In late July, the British fighters were also lifted in the air over the Black sea to escort su-24.


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