The bride decided to hold the wedding near the tomb of a dead aunt


Невеста решила провести свадьбу возле гроба умершей тетиThe couple decided to save on the funeral of a relative who died suddenly before their wedding.

Before the wedding dead aunt of the bride. Not to postpone the celebration and save at the funeral, the couple decided to combine the two events. The bride explained this decision by the fact that the prices of such ceremonies are very large and increase all the time.

The bride and groom are about to exchange vows near an open coffin with a dead aunt Carol. Moreover, the coffin with the deceased will suffer along with guests via the wedding route. The bride called on all not to be surprised, and come to say goodbye to my aunt, even those who are not invited to the wedding.

Such a solution pair caused a wave of criticism of indignation in the Network.


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