The bread is seriously expensive: why economic development is not in accordance with the Spring


Хлеб серьезно подорожает: почему Минэкономразвития не согласно с Яровой

Ban retailers to return perishable products suppliers will cause prices to soar

The Ministry of economic development (med) has warned Russian consumers that soon the coming reduction of the range of bakery products, as well as a significant increase in its value. The reason for that was the bill to ban the return of perishable goods retail chains to suppliers. In the MAYOR consider that the project, initiated by Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya, you need to seriously modify. Otherwise, the negative effects of legal prohibition in the first place will hit the wallets of the already impoverished population.

We will remind, Vice-the speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya submitted to the state Duma a bill prohibiting retailers to sell excess purchased bakery products back to the bakeries. According to her, this measure will help producers significantly reduce losses.

The position of the MAYOR eloquently described the Deputy Director of Department of development of small and medium entrepreneurship and competition Kirill Emelyanov. “As a consumer, it is likely the effect will be negative, i.e. either no change, or, more likely, become worse as the range and price. Because in any case, to whom would we now not have thrown a heavier burden, it will still be thrown on the consumer, costs will still fall in price, — said the official. They can be in the price of a particular item will not be as noticeable, FAS will be difficult to prove that this overstates the price, but what a penny can go anyway in the price to the consumer”.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation does not share the concerns the MAYOR and believe that a price jump, which may affect consumers, from the ban on the return of products will not occur. This view is shared by experts of “MK”.

Member of the chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation Anna wolf said: “the New measure will curb the growth of prices, because retailers will need to implement all.”

Analyst Forex Optimum Ivan kapustyasky also suggested that if the bill is passed, there will be a decline in selling prices from retailers. “Retail chains are easier to sell unsold products to the end customer, he said. — May also increase the number of shares coupon on unsold products with a suitable shelf life”.


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