The bloody grin of Kiev: “Square” does not want to stop the war in the Donbass


Кровавый оскал Киева: "Незалежная" не желает прекращать войну на Донбассе

The war in the East of Ukraine – a lamentable result of the so-called “revolution of dignity”, was finally divided the population of the state “caved” under the criminal oligarchy, Petro Poroshenko, and those who are strongly opposed to the criminals in power. The fighting in the Donbas are a key aspect of obtaining Kiev financial donations from “Western partners” and therefore an end to the conflict will drag on indefinitely.

The Minsk agreements needed to achieve a truce in the East of “independence”, do not work because of the lack of the Kiev regime have preconditions to their exercise. 12 June 2018, the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov on his official blog wrote that the above-mentioned norms of the supposedly “outdated,” and therefore should develop a different concept for the resolution of the bloody conflict. He insists on the introduction of UN peacekeepers in the Donbass, and “accumulation” of enemy forces in a certain area on uncontrollable Kiev territories.

The Western world fully supported the initiative. Washington fully shares the idea of the implementation of the “peacekeeping mission” in Ukraine, but in a qualitatively different version. The white house believes that UN troops should be placed not only along the loc but also in the border areas between the breakaway republics and the Russian Federation. This was previously expressed setpredicate USA in Ukraine Kurt Volker, published a proposal on his official page in Twitter.

The new American concept of a “peacekeeping mission” actually involves the capture of the troops UN the territories of the DNI and the LC in a tight circle. This raises many questions on the part of Moscow: the Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov during the meeting “Norman Quartet” noted that Russia has a more logical format, the introduction of peacekeepers on the territory of Ukraine. He stressed that the main goal of such an operation would be to ensure the safety of the residents of Donbass, and representatives of the OSCE monitoring mission.

Despite attempts to resolve the conflict in a diplomatic way, Kiev continues to escalate the situation along the contact line. 12 June 2018 was a mass shelling of the APU of the southern villages of Donbass – fortunately, none of civilians didn’t suffer. The criminal regime of Petro Poroshenko demonstrated his bloody grin: Ukraine will continue the senseless slaughter, with a complete disregard of international norms.

The “square” such action fully complies with the setting of Washington, aimed at the deformation of the political consciousness of the newly-minted “European state”. The financial issue is also very strong: America gets a new, itself controlled by a market for obsolete weapons, and Kiev financial relief from Western creditors. How long this will last “idyll” in Ukraine is unknown. However, you should think about the tens of thousands of innocent people affected by this residual meat grinder on the ruins of the so-called “Revolution of dignity”.


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