“The blessing of genocide” by Maxim Shevchenko


Of course, there are lefties and lefties. As, however, and right. In the sense that not all supporters or opponents of certain political views will give a hand to such a blatant anti-Semite, as Maxim Shevchenko.

Speaking in “minority report” may 17, 2018 at the radio station “Echo of Moscow”, the gentleman, open up with the leading Nino Rosebashvili, identified himself as follows: “I am an unemployed journalist. I do not work anywhere. I’m a blogger. I am a solo entrepreneur. I don’t work in any media”. However, this “jobless”, wandering on various radio and TV shows, do not hesitate to take on a regular basis to invite such a mouthpiece of the democratic journalism as “Echo of Moscow”.


Maxim Shevchenko. Photo: Uznayvse.ru

Shevchenko is a real anti – Semite, because whatever he told you not to screw a couple of passages, filled with hatred of Jews and Israel, it is not. His “dissenting opinion” may 17 “blogger” like Shevchenko started for the health, though on a high note, indignant Cossacks, which gave itself (or gave?) in Moscow, police rights. Then probably witticism unexpectedly having enlisted the lead in politics, he shouted, “I’m not a politician, in the sense that you…. I as the politician put requirements…”. Here’s a gem issued on-mountain “scholar” and “individual entrepreneur” Maxim Shevchenko, “Neolithic” and simultaneously “as a politician”, the requirements “puts”, and questions “put forward”. For example, such: “if necessary, Nino, we will go with you – I Venediktov(chief editor and co-owner of “echo of Moscow” – Z. H.) – we Muscovites, we are going to watch, that was not drunk, and so on. Will be wearing red armbands, as it always was”.

The shadow of the fence leads Shevchenko, but he is important his anti-Semitism to preklicati! He will always find time to go to something anti-Jewish and anti-Israel. And he’s honest. “For example, two days ago Sergei Udaltsov (the leader of the Left front – Z. G.) held a picket in front of the American Embassy” – he shares his “heroic” acts. For not particularly intelligent explains: “since we couldn’t apply in advance, we carried out single pickets – Udaltsov, myself and other comrades of the Left front against the mass murder of Palestinians. Why not before the Israeli, ask, and before the us? Why go to the puppet, when you can immediately refer to the owner?”

Maxim Shevchenko for a long time ranted, sitting on a favorite anti-Semitic thing, but Nino Rosebashvili were able to break into are not always coherent speech “blogger” and ask the question, which arose almost by itself: “But the fact that, for example, tried by the Palestinians, marchers, to break through the state border?” To tell you the answer Shevchenko only false – it means nothing to say. He had to admit that he is not delayed in responding to such issues and, when talking about the Jews, always finds a comparison in the spirit of Nazi propaganda.

Here are his words: “This is not a state border. This is the front line, which is built on the Israeli side. It’s like a country camp. This wall is like the wall of a concentration camp. It’s a huge prison camp with no water, food, medicines where it stands overseers Israeli doses as they deem necessary. And they shoot people, kill”. That’s what says “echo of Moscow” “the individual entrepreneur” Maxim Shevchenko!

It is significant that, remembering Alexander Melman, a brilliant columnist of the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, he did not hesitate to say: “Even Alexander Melman made the post tragic…”. What is important is the load attached, in this case, Shevchenko a homonym of “even”?! According to him, Maxim Shevchenko, the opinion of all Jews are “tarred with the same brush”, always in solidarity with each other “in unison”, and the only single from this series struggling. Reminiscent of the famous Nazi cliche: “All the Jews from young to old – commissioners and future commissioners”.

“Neolithic” Shevchenko sees himself as a figure that defines Russian politics. Here is his another not very coherently expressed passage: “After the rally of the Left front. We were the first who condemned this action (meaning the prevention of the breakthrough Israel Hamas militants into its territory – Z. H.). Obviously, seeing our campaign, Lavrov also decided to speak out”. Shevchenko, suffering from modesty, ashamed to say that the UN Secretary General, antónio Guterres takes no action, without inquiring in advance, in distant Russia had done, and tell Maksim Shevchenko. Shevchenko mental apparatus gives explicit failures. He is confused, losing the thread of the conversation, suddenly begins to attack the lead, showing her ridiculous claims. Here is a sample of his discontent turned to Nino Rosebashvili: “Well, you don’t believe in democracy, Nino. I’m really sorry. I’m sorry that you work for democratic liberal radio station, and if you don’t believe… I wonder, is the position of all liberals: Yashin, Navalny? Very sad, because we left – wingers believe in that (style of the original – Z. G.) that you can achieve political goals. And Russia’s experience shows us that political goals can be achieved. We will achieve!”

I remember Victor M. Polesov, the unforgettable character from “the Twelve chairs” by Ilf and Petrov, in which Ostap Bender, fooling with the aim of cajolery of money invited to join the secret society “Sword and Ploughshare”. To the question “is Your political creed?”, enthusiastic Polesov replied “Always!” If Maxim Shevchenko, at least for a moment was able to turn away from the overflowing of his immense lies, its politicheskoe credo he would define as: “an anti-Semite forever!”

Pitting Israelis the whole world, Shevchenko again, quite a Nazi, trying to set Jews against the Palestinian Arabs soulless-humans. He says: “…many Israelis argue, arguing that since they (it seems, he means Palestinian Arabs – Z. H.) right, these animals that they should be shot. And even there) was the observation deck, which looked and laughed” (!-Z. G.).

Insolently Shevchenko, putting itself “inviting party”, says: “This is happening on the border with Gaza, please come. There on the Israeli side, there are multiple videos, photos, where you can visit such places to see how the IDF shoots Palestinians”.

Shevchenko claims that Hamas is ready for peace talks. It was still able, at least, surprise, Nino Rosebashvili, asked guest logical question: “How to negotiate, if Palestine and, in particular, Hamas advocate the destruction of Israel as a state?” And then “unemployed journalist” suffered such a thing! “Do you understand the difference between the destruction of Nazi Germany and the destruction of Germany?” – instead of answering asks Shevchenko your leading question. And here is his response: “Today, Israel is a state where human rights are violated, as they were violated in Nazi Germany. The Nazi regime and Germany is not the same thing. Mode of modern Israel and the democratic state of Israel, which will have all the rights of both Jews and Palestinians is quite another matter. Yes, we are for the destruction of the power that turned the Jewish people are in fact carriers of Nazi ideology. I believe that just as we advocated the destruction of the power that turned the German people into carriers of Nazi ideology.”

As it turns out, according to Maxim Shevchenko!? Israel, a state member of the UN is put on a par with Nazi Germany? Russian journalist, even if unemployed, may not the king’s head, stands for the destruction of the Jewish state! So he advocated a new order for a new victim. Shevchenko wants to destroy Israel, to make it easier to implement a new Holocaust! That is the position of the British historian Norman Cohn called a “blessing to the genocide.” Crying, Oh crying for Maxim Leonardovich dock!

Couldn’t hurt Shevchenko’s arrival in Moscow, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his appearance with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the parade on red square in victory Day 9 may. In a paroxysm of boundless malice to the Jewish state Shevchenko put forward the thesis that Russia “is not an independent country.” “I came here Netanyahu says the guardian the destruction of Israel, like the St. George ribbon, left, said Russia gave him the sanction to destroy the Syrians, and killed, staged a genocide of the Palestinian population is terrible…. The journalists were shot. Lots of video. Just shooting unarmed people. Babi Yar … be arranged on the border between Gaza and Israel. And nothing, you know.”

Shevchenko tongue-tied – forgivable! Mediocrity is not judged! But to forgive him for anti-Semitic “anger hardened”, which said in his poem “Babi Yar,” Yevgeny Yevtushenko, not!

British clinical therapist Steven Baum his research on “anti-Semitism as a mental disorder” opens with this phrase: “it All began not with Hitler and with him ended. Anti-Semitic views are part of the process, the ongoing Millennium, part of the social mythology that permeates the heart of society. It is known that the least emotionally Mature people — the biggest anti-Semites and most of all other profess different biases. They are the easiest to make believe anti-Semitic myths and, generally, in all sorts of superstitions.”

In a number of these people the Russian anti-Semite Maxim Shevchenko takes his not very modest, but very repulsive place.


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