The Black sea found an ancient “ironworks”


У Черного моря нашли древний «металлургический завод»From there, mined copper was exported throughout the ancient Mediterranean.

The joint mission of the Bulgarian and German archaeologists during excavations on the black sea coast near the town of Sozopol in Bulgaria have discovered the remains of smelting furnaces, established in ancient times.

As reported Archaeology in Bulgaria, “the plant” was discovered on the site of ancient copper mine. It was located outside of the ancient Greek colony Apollonia Pontica. Now here is the town of Sozopol.

During excavations, archaeologists found many furnaces. The age of most of them is about 2500 years old. However, found more ancient objects. So, two furnaces, presumably, was created in the VI century BC

By the way, the ancient mine near the town of Sozopol has long been known to scientists and seemed well researched. However, the smelting furnace of clay found there for the first time. They were located on the edge of the mine. It’s amazing that they were found only now.

According to scientists, the ancient production was a true metallurgical plant. The furnace in it was of two kinds: furnace for melting.

Probably the ore was treated right at the mine, and made raw materials in the form of copper plates was taken to Apollonia Pontica.


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