The birthday of a 41-year-old Tina Kandelaki showed itself at the age of 19



On 10 November, TV presenter and General producer of TV channel “Match TV” Tina Kandelaki noted 41st birthday. In the morning the celebrity received congratulations from colleagues, friends and relatives. In addition, the birthday girl shared pictures of their gifts.


According to the page of Tina, she gave a huge amount of flowers — roses of all shades and sizes. One bouquet of red roses was with a man! As a gift First and received a spiritual song, performed especially for her Georgian singers in her native language to the accompaniment of a guitar.


This became known following the publication visit the stars — she shared a video that depicted the execution time of the song.


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Video posted by Tina Kandelaki (@tina_kandelaki) Nov 9 2016 10:51 PST

But the most attention of subscribers attracted archival photo of Tina. The birthday girl showed fans what she looked like 22 years ago. According to her, the black-and-white picture was taken in the day when celebrity was 19 years old. It depicts it with her friends on the balcony of her house. “I think I haven’t changed over the years. Happy 41, no worse than 19, the threshold of which we gathered on the balcony,” said the birthday girl (the Spelling and punctuation here and further more. — Approx. ed.).


Fans agreed with her and noted that she only prettier. “Tina, you’re even better. Keep it up !!! Our Georgian Queen! I admire you !!! Happy birthday!!!”, “Oh, really hasn’t changed at all, Tina! Congratulations!!! Stay beautiful!! In General, there is no need to tell everyone your age”, “In my opinion, too, was beautiful, charming, extravagant, SPORTIER (thinner)”, “Even more beautiful! Happy birthday!” congratulated Tina fans.



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