The birth of the trade: archaeologists have found amazing artifacts


Рождение торговли: археологи нашли удивительные артефакты Findings suggest that trade existed 300,000 years ago.

Anthropologists carried out a detailed analysis of the artifacts age from 600 to 300 thousand years, was found recently in southern Kenya.

According to the results of the study found the transition time in East Africa from the Acheulian culture to a more modern culture of the middle Paleolithic, which, according to the analysis, occurred at approximately 320 thousand years ago.
Note that the incident of technological and socio-economic progress scientists have linked to climate changes and species composition that occurred in the region during this period.

In addition, based on the mineral composition of the artifacts, scientists have determined that the inhabitants of Eastern Africa started to trade with each other and share resources more than 300 thousand years ago that almost on 200 thousand years earlier than the previous common assessment.


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