The biggest failure of US intelligence


Крупнейший провал спецслужб США

September 3 in Cambodia were arrested the opposition leader Kem Sokha. He was accused of treason once, in the hands of law enforcement officers turned out to be the video where the Plow is discussing the overthrow of Prime Minister Hun Sen with the support of the United States.

This is the biggest failure of U.S. intelligence agencies and a severe blow to the image of the United States. U.S. Ambassador to Cambodia, urges release of opposition leader and calls evidence which is the government “baseless and false”.

After the disclosure of conspiracy with the United States Cambodia will increase the rhetoric against the United States, as well as on political opponents, critics and “independent” media. It’s a perfectly reasonable step, because in 2018 in Cambodia will be held parliamentary elections.
The Cambodian government has announced the possible suspension of the election the main opposition party in case it does not replace the leader, KEMA Plow, accused of treason.
Daughter Plow Whom Monowhite, also a member of the CPDV, said that the organization would not appoint a new leader. The prisoner came to the post in February, when his predecessor resigned from the post to protect the party from sanctions.

It should be noted that this is not the first case of US intervention in the internal politics of this country.

Крупнейший провал спецслужб США

1975 — two-day attack on Cambodia, where the local government had arrested an American merchant ship. Anecdotal history: the Americans decided to restore the image of the invincible superpower to make a “advertising war”, although the crew was safely released after verification.

1980 — Cambodia. Under pressure from the U.S. organization World Food Program sends products to Thailand worth 12 million dollars, these products get of the Khmer Rouge, the previous government of Cambodia, which is responsible for the destruction of 2.5 million over 4 years rule. Moreover, America, Germany and Sweden supply the followers of Pol Pot arms through Singapore, gangs of the Khmer Rouge terrorized Cambodia 10 years after the fall of their regime.

Finally I want to offer You even more fascinating read, where the CIA admitted in another coup.


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