The best places in Ukraine to meet Old New year


Лучшие места в Украине для встречи Старого Нового годаTravel not later.

We celebrated another new Year, Christmas is celebrated – the time to prepare for the third round of the winter fun. This weekend celebrate the New Year, old style, Basil or Melenki. We led the goat, medronate and sow, wishing the families well-being and health. But the holiday is not turned into an ordinary meal, plan a family vacation in advance. Share a selection of the most interesting events of the future weekend from the festival portal

Partying at Malanka

Лучшие места в Украине для встречи Старого Нового года

Thematic show-the holiday for the whole family – the story of the inhabitant of Kiev Melance who waited in a Lavish night the spirit of her late husband, Basil, and came to other intruders. You and the main character will entertain numerous schedrovalniki, neighbor Solokha, actors, musicians, singers and even one member.

Where: Kyiv city, Vasilkovskaya str., 1, Scene 6

When: January 13, 20:00.

How much: 100-200 UAH.

The Capital’s Christmas Festival

Лучшие места в Украине для встречи Старого Нового года

If you think that after the Christmas festivities have ended, it is a mistake. The capital continues to celebrate and have prepared for you a lot of interesting events. So on the Capital’s Christmas Festival you can listen to the gala concert, visit the petting zoo, enjoy biscuits and cakes and just like to have fun with my family. And most importantly, visiting this festival, you will help the little patients of the cancer center and Ohmadet.

Where: Kiev, Poshtova square.

When: January 13.

How much: free.

International gastronomy-kolyadniki festival “Wasilla”

Лучшие места в Украине для встречи Старого Нового года

A more authentic celebration of the Christmas holidays than in Transcarpathia is not found. So, if you’re near Uzhgorod this weekend, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the gastronomically-kolyadniki festival “Wasilla”. It will bring together the best kostnicka group and Nativity scenes to compete who of them is better. Will also buy farm food, wine and Mead.

Where: Transcarpathian region, Uzhhorod.

When January 11-14.

How much: free.

Vernissage “From Andrew to Nicholas from Nicholas to Basil”

Лучшие места в Украине для встречи Старого Нового года

Wonderful thematic family exhibition, which was attended by 11 artists working in various artistic techniques: from painting to sculpture. Each of them has not only a particular personality style, but bright and expressive works. What is not a reason to devote a weekend to meet with modern art?

Where: Kiev, St. Cyril, 41 Museum of contemporary art of Ukraine

When: 21 Dec 2017 11 Feb 2018

How much: free.

Red wine in 2018

Лучшие места в Украине для встречи Старого Нового года

Another great reason to visit Transcarpathia in January – the festival of red wine, which is traditionally held on the Basil. Offers a variety of entertainment featuring the best kolodnitzky groups of the city, tasting and fair. The best winemakers and sommeliers from Ukraine, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Moldova, Croatia will come to showcase their talents and the results of their work.

Where: Zakarpatska region, Mukachevo.

When: January 9-14.

How much: free.

Christmas Family Fest

Лучшие места в Украине для встречи Старого Нового года

An incredible festival atmosphere will reign in these days and in the children’s city of professions KidsWill. Young visitors and their parents waiting for Santa Claus in his residence, his aides wizards-elves, who can grant wishes, lots of fun and interesting surprises. Themed decorations, photo zone and a beautiful tree will not allow the festive mood to leave you.

Where: Kyiv city, Akademika Zabolotnogo str., 37 KidsWill

When: December 16 – January 14.

How much: 150-200 UAH.


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