The Belgian came up with an original way to travel the world for free


His method is not suitable for everyone.

25-year-old Belgian Anthony Bott have not spent a penny on travel, thanks to the Dating app Tinder.

The young traveler was able to visit 20 cities, however, he did not spend money to stay in hotels. According to Anthony, he invented a new kind of travel – tinder-surfing.

The meaning is that to visit some city guy just need to meet online with girls who give him place to sleep.

To visit two dozen major cities in Europe, Anthony Botta met in the application with three thousand girls. Have agreed to adopt twenty-one stranger. For two months the traveler has visited Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Your experience and journey he documents in Instagram and YouTube.

In order to the girl agreed to take a traveler, he wrote to a stranger that she is the first girl with whom he coincided a range of interests. Then he sent a new friend a link to the profile in social networks and offered to give him a bed.

According to the young man, it melts the ice in the heart of even the most skeptical girls.


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