The behavior of parents is associated with risk of suicide in adolescents


Поведение родителей связано с риском самоубийства у подростков

American researchers said that Teens who feel their parents rarely show an interest in their emotional well-being, often think about suicide than young people who believe that their parents care about their life.

Scientists from the University of Cincinnati analyzed data from a national survey 2012 was conducted among children aged 12 years and older, which revealed a significant relationship between parental behaviour and thoughts about suicide in adolescents. They found that adolescents aged 12-13 years are more likely to suffer from behavior of parents.

Children in this age group whose parents rarely spoke that proud, were almost 5 times more prone to suicidal thoughts. They also almost 7 times more likely to formulate a plan for suicide and about 7 times more likely to commit it than their peers.

Teenagers aged 16 to 17 years who reported that parents rarely proud of them, 3 times more prone to suicidal thoughts. They are almost 4 times more likely to commit suicide than peers whose parents praise their children.


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