The Bank of Russia expressed his opinion about bitcoin


The Russian government has prepared a bill making all miners exorbitant tax, and many have pricked up skis in Belarus, where this activity is encouraged by the authorities. The Bank of Russia apparently decided to cool the ardor of many of the miners and were not the most positive opinion about bitcoin in particular and cryptocurrencies in General.

The Central Bank has clarified the position: in his view, bitcoin is a payment method now and it will not be in the future. In other words, the Bank of Russia repeated the statement of analysts from Morgan Stanley, which is also called bitcoin dummy, so in fact, nothing new we have not heard. What is more important: while in Belarus, everything is done to attract residents to the mining, our government, on the contrary, demolish faith in the crypt, although it is unclear why.

Apparently, the Russians do not dare to move, even temporary, to another country, because the draft law is very cruel to virtual miners will not only tax, but also a limit on the turnover, and the Ministry of Finance at all said that ordinary citizens (slaves, that is) need to do to close access to the crypt.


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