The authors take Destiny from Activision and take the franchise with you


Авторы Destiny уходят от Activision и забирают франшизу с собойGamers took the news very positively.

Bungie, responsible for the popular series of shooters Halo and Destiny, has suddenly announced that she breaks the contract with Activision, which was signed in 2010. The Studio will retain the rights to the franchise and Destiny is to develop as an independent company, engaged in publishing future games and additions to them yourself.

If you believe the Jason Shrier (Jason Schreier), the editor of Kotaku, Bungie employees who have been informed about the departure from Activision for the urgent meeting, greeted the news with loud applause. According to him, the relationship between developer and publisher have been tense even before the release of the first Destiny. Activision wanted to make the game more accessible, while Bungie has always sought to please his loyal, hardcore fans.

By the way, the head of game direction of Microsoft Phil Spencer (Phil Spencer) on his Twitter already hoped again to work with this Studio in the future. The developers have stated that in the near future will please fans of exciting announcements. Who knows, maybe the team will return to basics and creates a new Halo.

During nine years of cooperation Bungie has created for Activision two parts of Destiny, the total circulation has exceeded 50 million copies.

Note that Destiny 2 will continue to distribute through

Judging by the user comments, they took the news very positively and many of them Express the hope that in the future example will be followed by Bungie and Blizzard.


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