The authors Fortnite has shared new plans for the development of the “battle Royal”


Авторы Fortnite поделились новыми планами развития «Королевской битвы»In the future will change the model of fire and equipment.

While Fortnite left PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds far behind, but Epic Games clearly wants to break away from any competitors. A few days ago we reported about a heavy patch 1.9.1 and recently the authors have shared new plans for the development of “battle Royale”.

First of all, the developers know about the beach almost all network games, which are allowed to shoot, the deliberate murder of allies. Now “teamkillers” complaints could be filed, but you won’t know whether your abuser is punished. Last week, the developers checked the mass of data in search of the most toxic men, and then solemnly handed the warnings and bans. Now Epic is working on analytical tools to identify pests and promises to introduce a system of selection of players by their reputation.

Of course, the best way to protect yourself from the crazy — call the checked friends. Social functions Fortnite will bring to mind — will allow users to import lists of friends from social networks, in addition will be able to continue the struggle for survival in the former structure.

Also in the future will change the model of fire and equipment. First get rid of the hated by many fans of shooters random scatter, and the second will make easier and simpler. The creators promise amazing things: for example, to throw an object, just drag it outside the window of the rig — well, where else have you seen it?

Pohorosheet and map is the empty space will be filled with interesting places, and the vegetation and landscape will be more varied.

In General, the list of edits is truly impressive — the authors will introduce a new model glider, picks and characters, a more informative sound and other improvements.


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