The authorities plan to reduce the administrative burden on business twice


Власти планируют снизить административную нагрузку на бизнес вдвое

The Russian authorities intend to reduce the administrative burden on business by 2024 half. This is stated in the draft priority programme for the reform of control and Supervisory activities. Also among the indicators of the program — increase the quality of management Supervisory functions by 2024 50%.

Real reduce pressure on predprinimatelsky Wednesday – 20% – the Government intends to achieve by 2018.

In addition, the adoption of a programme it is planned to reduce the number of “deaths on the controlled types of risk not less than 15% by 2018, and not less than 50% by 2024”. The number of diseases and poisonings in this region through eight years should also be reduced by half, IA “SeverInform” with reference to narbc.


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