The authorities in new York have eased the lives of local transgender people


Власти Нью-Йорка облегчили жизнь местным трансгендерам Transgender people no longer have to get a note from a doctor or medical opinion.

The mayor of new York bill de Blasio signed a provision that permits you to specify a third gender “X” in the birth certificate.

According to de Blasio, new Yorkers should have the freedom “to report who they are, but not Vice versa.” This category will be available from 1 January for choice of gender identity in birth certificates and other official state documents for residents who do not consider themselves men or women. And living in new York, transgender people no longer have to get a note from a doctor or medical opinion in order to change their sex.

Activists transgender for a long time insisted on the adoption of such amendment. As noted by the NY Post, new York became the fifth in the United States after the States of California, Oregon, Washington, and new Jersey, where a third gender is allowed to specify. In Washington, the capital of the United States, a gender “X” is allowed to specify in the license.

In 2014, the city of new York passed a law under which transgender people can change gender from male to female and Vice versa in the birth certificate without the mandatory name change or the relevant operation. However, the U.S. government permits such changes in the passport only in the case of the operation for a sex change.


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