The attack in Paris, killing four police officers


Unknown threw a knife at police in the Central Prefecture of police in Paris, across from Notre Dame Cathedral. According to recent reports, four policemen were killed.

Among the victims were three men and one woman, according to the with reference to

According to AFP, the assailant worked in the Prefecture in the administrative office. He was killed by another police officer.

The attack took place in part of the building of the Prefecture, not available to the General public.

According to the representative of the trade Union, the police, probably, was suddenly struck with madness. The French press writes that the attacker was 45 years and for 20 years he worked in the police.

The French Prime Minister and Minister of interior arrived on the scene.

The attack occurred a day after a strike by French police against rising violence victims by the police themselves against bad working conditions, and that in their ranks there is a growing number of suicides.

BFMTV reports that two police officers were killed in their offices, one on the stairs, and the fourth in the yard of the building where the assailant was shot dead.

“The police ran in panic,” said Le Parisien newspaper the witness, who was in the courtyard of the Prefecture — I was very surprised, having heard shots, as such, don’t expect. At first I thought that someone decided to commit suicide”.

The nearby Cité metro station closed for security reasons, the area of the incident cordoned off.


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