“The athletes were laughing”: the Ukrainians did not help the Russian woman almost drowned on rafting in Lithuania


"Спортсмены ржали": украинцы не помогли россиянке едва не утонувшей на сплаве в Литве

Vilnius, July 30. A group of Ukrainian athletes did not help the woman who nearly drowned during rafting in Lithuania. The young people only laughed at the drowning woman. About the horrific case, said Deputy chief editor MIA “Russia today,” Natalya Loseva on his page in Facebook.

In the midst of the incident was her close friend, which characterizes Losev as an “adult, very reasonable and balanced in assessments of the woman.” Russians boat capsized during rafting in Lithuania. The instructor was not around.

The woman screamed for help, but Ukrainian tourists not to save her. According to the journalist, instead they “bellow”.

“The athletes were laughing… they did not help her, they said, because she is Russian,” — says Losev.

In the end she has saved. Ukrainians, caught the boat women, demanded from the owner a reward for its return.

Losev stressed that “summarize” the situation is impossible. There is nevertheless a glaring incident. Out of hatred on a national basis, the Ukrainians refused to save a woman from death laughing at her fate, says Losev.

“It’s not ignition, it is a statement of the disaster,” — concluded Losev.

Earlier, the Ukrainian writer told how fined counselors for Russian language. I wrote about this RT.


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