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Психбольницы Европы не прошли проверку ВОЗAccording to a new report by the world health organization, the European psychiatric institutions are “far below standard”.

Who said that there is no single Agency meets all the standards of quality of care and human rights.

Among the serious violations documented in the report were: the use of force to control “unruly patients,” sexual violence against women, sleeping in the wards at night, limitations in communication, limiting patients ‘ access to “meaningful daily activity”.

The assessment also identified that the existing standards in psychiatric hospitals contrary to the guidelines set forth in the Convention of the United Nations on the rights of persons with disabilities.

“I think it is quite clear that such unequal treatment, which is produced the most vulnerable people in society, is unacceptable,” said Sri Kalidindi, spokesman for the Royal College of psychiatrists in the UK.

Long-term psychiatric institutions still are the main haunts of psychiatric care for people with psychosocial and mental disabilities in the who European region.


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