The architects showed how will look flat future. Photo


Their work is impressive.

Trying to imagine the future and what will be the lifestyle and housing, five prominent architects from ARCHSTUDIO, B. L. U. E. Architecture Studio, Design Apartment, and SODA Architects was invited by the New company Everbright Center for the design of four apartments to ArtPark9 in Beijing, China. Four apartments with total area of 394 square meters are decorated in different styles, demonstrating the harmony in diversity and jointly interpreting a perfect habitat for the modern Asian people through Eastern philosophy, reports the with reference for a Fresher.

Residence Hillside Dwelling from ARCHSTUDIO located on the 28th floor and offers to review the experience of living in a high rise building, based on reflections on the evolution of the dwellings of people in history. Architects ARCHSTUDIO tried to go back to basics and to stimulate the interaction between people and the environment.

In a rectangular space, the floor gently rises from the bottom of the large French Windows to the ceiling, symbolizing the slope and creating three-dimensional relationships between people inside the apartment and with the landscape outside. The interior presents five major functional areas. Hall and bathroom located in the “cave” under the “hill”, the bedroom and bathroom are in a better place on “the hillside” for the enjoyment of views, relaxation area and walks are provided at the “foot”. The apartment has all the modern conveniences such as a mini bar and a projection screen that is ready to use at any time.

The residence, In Between, from Design Apartment in Chinese sounds like “grey space” symbolizing something intermediate, indicating the transition between exterior and interior, change the mood and self-transformation. The chief architect of the project through separation and unity, textures, skins, and layers are intended to create a continuous spatial experience. The Chinese symbol in the form of a zigzag reminiscent of the shape of the path or some kind of link that tells the story of a sequence of interconnected spaces. The white interior of this apartment symbolizes the softness and inclusiveness, reflecting sunlight, you can add any color. The holes around the bed not only provides harmony, but also reduce the feeling of loneliness caused by the dimensions of the residence, making people feel more secure.

The residence Borderless Space from SODA Architects is based on the violation of physical boundaries and the use of video as a way to connect the different dimensions. Four screens of various sizes, suitable for uninterrupted playback of content on different topics, embedded in three walls, so that people could feel and see unique images with different time zones. Screens, displays and light boxes located haphazardly, disrupting the feel of a traditional rigid boundaries of space and blurring the concept of time. Tenants can watch the sunset in Beijing through a real window to see is still Sunny Paris in a virtual window at home and wonder the endless darkness of the universe thanks to NASA personnel at the same time.

The residence Harmony Courtyard from B. L. U. E. Architecture Studio has an area of 120 square meters and corresponds to a new way of life, being one that had endured significant changes over the long history of human habitation in the cities. From a stay of several generations of one family together to create family units of 3-4 people and the transition to a new household consisting of one independent person, the city gradually adapt, offering appropriate habitat. Modern residence violates the traditional internal layout, it has no partitions, and a public area like a courtyard. Moreover, the surrounding corridor is slightly raised to act as sensors around the yard. The chief architect of the maximally squeezed private space, leaving more space for common area, where a large part of life.


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