The antenna and the first made weight for tomorrow’s fight


Alexander Usik and Briedis before the semifinal fight of the world Boxing series have passed a mandatory weigh-in.

The mustache was heavier Briedis on 100 grams scale under the Ukrainian stopped at 90,4 kg, and Lett the day before the fight weigh 90,3 kg. Both fighters kept within the limit of the weight category (up to 90.7 kg).

The last battle of the views of the Moustache and the First ended in a tie:

The winner of the battle Mustache-the first will be the winner of the WBO and WBC titles in heavy weight and will get a place in the final of the world Boxing series.
The second finalist will be determined on 3 February in a battle between the IBF Murat by Gassieva and “regular” WBA champion Unirom Dorticos.

According to unofficial information, the Mustache and the first for the upcoming fight will win 800 thousand dollars. The winner will receive a check for another 800 thousand in U.S. currency.

On the territory of Ukraine fight Alexander Usik with mairis Briedis by show channel “inter”. The broadcast begins on Saturday, January 27, at 22:15 on the Kiev time.


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