The antenna and the first held a press conference before the fight


World Champions in the heavyweight Alexander Usik and Briedis given recent comments before the match.

The antenna and the first Saturday at 10-thousand capacity arena in Riga will hold a semi-final bout of the world Boxing series. At the same time this fight will be a unification – puts Mustache on the line the WBO title, and the first will defend the WBC title.

Alexander Barbel: “I’m going to entertain the fans at the “arena Riga” – that I can promise. I’ve been working on some new things, and on Saturday you will see what I’m talking about”.

Mairis Briedis: “My team does everything to take the pressure off from my shoulders. We just concentrate on the fight. My dream is to fight, which will be included in the Boxing Hall of fame”.

Battle of views between the antenna and the First winner is not revealed:

According to unofficial information, the Mustache and the first for the upcoming fight will win 800 thousand dollars. The winner will receive a check for another 800 thousand in U.S. currency.

On the territory of Ukraine fight Alexander Usik with mairis Briedis by show channel “inter”. The broadcast begins on Saturday, January 27, at 22:15 on the Kiev time.


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