The anniversary of the “transit authority”


Годовщина «транзита власти»

It is now the term “transit authority” the usual, and when and why he came, hardly anyone remembers. And it happened exactly two years ago.

Woke up 15 November 2017 the Russians early in the morning, went to get acquainted with the news and … as a dusty bag on the head, Mugabe in Zimbabwe overthrew! First thought — what do we do now? It’s as far away shimmering beacon extinguished! Like, who are now a point of reference to keep in this stormy ocean of the world of politics?! Robert Gabriel Mugabe… The Cob! Since 1980, directs the state and wear not visible. Next year the 93 will be executed, and he’s fit as a fiddle, for another term advances. Our political, economic and other show-elite mental interpolation was accustomed to do. They say that our 93 will be in 2045, he was again nominated and plyusuem another six years. That is, until 2051 stability is guaranteed and it is possible not to twitch. And suddenly you! As a sickle in Faberge “the lighthouse” disappeared. Here then was expressed by Gleb Pavlovsky thought on “transit of power”, and now we are about anything else politicians do not say.

However, left unanswered an important question. If our friend Robert Mugabe who then threatened, then why is he Vladimir Vladimirovich called? After all, we definitely would come to help as other Assad. Of course, in accordance with international norms and rules. Maybe his cell phone was not? Our way, too… But not ours, if anything, and call no one.


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