The annexation of Crimea and help LDNR Lavrov has explained the concern about the genetic code of the Russian nation


I hope that many of You, dear friends, watched the program “Time” on “the First channel” 11.08.17 and saw the speech of Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Literally I will not recount his speech, but only say in General terms how Sergei Lavrov explained the annexation of Crimea and assistance of the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

It turns out that the main reason was CONCERN ABOUT RUSSIAN IN UKRAINE. All actions of the Russian authorities in Ukraine, according to Lavrov, was sent to rescue the “genetic code” of the Russian people: “Neravnomernosti to the people (Russian) while maintaining its genetic code… There are things that we can’t leave, if you are a nation…” (I specifically made a screenshot of this transfer, indicating the time to makarkova “Stanislavsky” did not bother to search this statement)

Присоединение Крыма и помощь ЛДНР Лавров объяснил заботой о генетическом коде русской нации

Reading these pathetic words, just tears want, if they, of course, was true…

And so, let’s just say: “I Congratulate You, Sergey Viktorovich, you done lied!” Honestly, I didn’t expect this from You mistakes.

Let us, dear friends, together let’s see how the Russian authorities “took care” of Russian in Ukraine in 2014. And more clearly he looked a picture, I will give some excerpts on the size of the population of Ukraine on a national basis.

So, out of the total number of Ukrainian citizens at the time of the coup in 2014 (48240902 people), Russians constituted 8334141 plus 275763 people Belarusians = 8609904 person.

Now let’s see how many Russian and Belarusians of the total number, lived in the Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts: Crimea – 1180441 + 29285 = 1183426 people; Donetsk oblast: 1844399 + 44525 = 1888924 people; Luhansk oblast: 991825 + 20587 = 1012412 people.

Total: 1183426 + 1888924 + 1012412 = 4084762 person.

Conduct simple mathematical operation: 8609904 – 4084762 = 4525142 man!

It turns out that for the salvation of the “genetic code” of the Russian nation, the current Russian authorities was sufficient to “save” 47,45% of Russians and Belarusians in Ukraine. And most of the remaining 52,55% is “stuff”, not calling interest to the Kremlin. Even die!

(please pay attention to the fact that LDNR control only part of their areas – so the number of “survivors” of Russian, much less me derived values)

Moreover, this remaining “junk”, put in a stupid position – to fight against their own countrymen!

Low bow to You, Sergey, for a “fatherly care”!

If You continue in the same spirit, soon all of Russia will be inhabited by anyone, but not Russian…


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