The amusing confrontation between the leftist rulers: Putin and trump


Потешное противостояние левых властителей: Путина и Трампа

Axiom about the callousness of the groups ( claims that the soul, the will, the senses have only the people, but not groups.

Some accept this axiom. Others deny it.

In relation to this axiom, there are two opposing political ideas. Here these ideas:

Left idea. Man, when he is alone, is infinitely small value, almost zero, nothing. Only collective: mankind, people, nation, Fatherland – SOMETHING. The team has the will expressed by the state or any other staff that brings a collective will to each person, for example, in the form of a command: pay taxes on collective needs. If not to subordinate individual will to collective will, it will be a struggle of all against all, destruction rather than creation. Who ignores the collective will of the enemy team, enemy of the people and subject to punishment, up to destruction.


The right idea. The team there is no will. Will only people. To clash of wills did not lead to ruin is not necessary to invent unprecedented collective will. The need to delimit valuable opportunities between people, to turn them into law. The use of their rights – privacy. The intervention is a crime, a crime for which the right is deprived the offender of his right: the more parts, the more dangerous crime.

Both ideas divide people into groups or, if you like, into classes. When I talk about dividing people into groups, classes, talking about adult, competent people.

Left idea, although the media love to talk about equality between people who essentially divides people into three classes:
1. Spokesmen for the collective will;
2. Artists of the collective will;
3. Enemies of the people, neglecting the collective will.

The right media ideas insist on the inequality of people and the importance of dividing them into two classes:

1. Right, anyone who follows the boundaries, does not violate the rights;
2. Criminals.

Left the idea allows the crooks to declare themselves the bearers of the collective will and rule over other people, requiring simpletons execution of the collective will, robbing their taxes. Playing on envy to Rob (say, from the rich we bleed more and bleed for the poor), the left rulers taught the people to plunder and hands part of the loot so that now these leftist ploys very difficult to refuse.


Right idea divides people according to objective criteria. You’re right, if you do not violate rights, and you’re a criminal if you climb into someone else’s.
Over right no one dominates. But the criminals dominate the right. And the more you conquer, the more dangerous crime.

Today’s world in which States dominate the right is left the world. According to the ideas of the left lives not only in Russia. And the United States.

The main feature of modern leftism – taxes with the right. Right idea permits taxes – compulsory payments, but only from criminals. The criminals must compensate the losses from their crimes. They are required to insure, because they have no faith that they will reimburse you when you hurt. Right-the idea allows the state, but the existence of the state called only by the existence of criminals, so the cost of maintaining state borne by the criminals. The right state has the authority only of the criminals but not on the right.

Today, Putin confronts the West. I would have understood and supported this conflict, if Russia in mastering the right ideas moved further West. But I don’t see such promotion. In Russia the state also dominated over right, like the rest of the world. Is that income tax in Russia is less than in the West. But for how long? The Russian left, using my favorite tool – envy, trying to deprive Russia and that small advantages in moving towards the right idea.

The same is true of the confrontation between the West Putin. I would have understood and supported the opposition, if the West in mastering the right ideas progressed beyond Russia. But I don’t see such promotion. In the West the right to pay huge taxes, often more than in Russia.

Putin lopped off the Ukrainian rulers of Crimea and Crimeans. His power increased due to the Kiev authorities. The Kiev rulers hurt. Western rulers jealous. It is not good to take away, they say to Putin, and give him different sanctions. But they annually take away their right to tax as much money, which you can buy dozens of Crimea. In this robbery the robbers was in Crimea and Putin may be the right thing, but looting right – it’s definitely a crime.

We should hold the confrontation between Russia and the West for the small issue of power over the Crimea, when not solved a much more important question: removing criminal power over the rules of the world? Not game whether it is left-wing rulers to divert attention from the real robbery?


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