The American went to prison because he married his own mother


Американка попала в тюрьму за то, что женилась на собственной матери Earlier the woman had been married to her son.

26-year-old misty Spann received the maximum possible sentence on charges of incest. According to the publication, she grew up in a family with my grandmother, because the birth mother is a 44-year-old Patricia, Spann — was deprived of parental rights. In 2014, the girl was reunited with her mother, and between them began a relationship.

In March 2016 they decided to register the marriage. As explained, Patricia, she believed that their relationship does not violate the laws: deprivation of rights after her name was removed from the certificate of birth of the girl. For women this is not the first marriage: in 2008, she married her own son, but the marriage was terminated 15 months later.

Punishment misty was scheduled with a delay of execution, the case Patricia will be considered in January 2018.


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