The American was put in jail because she baptised her daughter


Американку посадили в тюрьму за то, что та крестила свою дочь

A resident of North Carolina, USA, went for a week in County jail after baptized in the Church his daughter. The fact that the American held the rite of baptism two year old daughter despite a judge’s order not to.

36-year-old Kendra Stokes is suing the father of the child Paul Schaaf for custody of the girl. The baptism happened on the next day after the judge of Mecklenburg gave the father full custody of the child, including decisions regarding religion.

With both parents girls are Catholic, and both wanted to baptize the child, but are unable to find a common solution in spiritual matters. Therefore, the court had deferred the baptism of a child.

It is reported that Schaaf learned about the baptism of his daughter from the social network, he also informed the court about this. He comments to the press refused to give, and his ex-wife was arrested for violation of the respect of the judiciary.



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