The American was fired because of a compliment to the employee


Американца уволили из-за комплимента сотрудницеIt happens.

The dismissal thing is always unpleasant, but when the reason for dismissal is absurd, it is not just unpleasant, they resent it. Soon the ridiculous reasons to fire people. Imagine the dental assistant fired for being too beautiful, and the accountant – through the letters written in big letters.

Man John Preston

The reason for the dismissal: the employee Said “you look good”

American John Preston vacationing with his colleagues, they discussed the series, where instead of “be healthy” they say “you look so good”. He laughed and forgot. Not John, he decided now always and tell everyone. But stumbled on the employee, which is a joke considered sexual harassment, complained to management – and Preston was fired.

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People: Vicki Walker

Reason for leaving: Wrote letters, “angry” font

As said employer of the Wiki, it breaks the harmony in the team with their letters. But the woman merely wrote letters to big letters and chose different colors for proposals. When employees have received such letters from the accountant, they were already shaking with anger. And head decided to release the woman. However, the Wiki just gave up and sued the company nearly $ 12,000 for unfair dismissal

People: Melissa Nelson

Reason for leaving: Too pretty for their job

Female 10 years worked as a dental assistant from the same doctor. And then he got married and his wife was too jealous 50-year-old man, a 33-year-old assistant. Once came to the office the boss’s wife along with the pastor of their Church, and the chief when they released Melissa saying that she is too attractive for this to work and that could ruin his happy marriage, because Melissa excites him. Everyone understands that it’s unlikely his words.

In protest of the clinic refused a few regular customers.


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