The American media called trump a Soviet spy


Американские СМИ назвали Трампа советским шпионом

The American media continue to search for the “Russian trace” in the presidency of Donald trump.

Thus, the publication of The New York Magazine writes that trump is recruited by the Soviet spy. According to the newspaper, trump has been “recruited” in 1987, during a trip to the Soviet Union. Then a businessman came to discuss the possible construction of the hotel.

It is noted that trump also met with Soviet Ambassador Yuri Dubinin. The deal on construction of the hotel did not take place, however, it was after this visit began a political career trump.

The publication also recalls that trump has arrived in Moscow in 2013. According to journalists, during these visits, the Kremlin gathered on the current US leader compromising.

Thus, the publication concludes, that card is a spy. As one of the arguments, they cite the unwillingness of the US President to publish his tax return.

“This can only mean one thing — for many years he was able in various ways to Russian money” – sums up the magazine.

Accusations of ties to trump Moscow did not cease with the selection of trump for President in 2016, but the evidence for this was found.



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