The American had lain for 10 years in a coma gave birth to a child


Американка, пролежавшая 10 лет в коме, родила ребенкаThe first child was not breathing, he is alive now under the supervision of doctors.

At the hospital, Arizona state the patient is staying for more than 10 years in a vegetative state, gave birth to a child. Police have launched an investigation into the rape and finds out who was able to conceive a woman, collecting DNA samples of the clinic staff.

The incident occurred at the clinic Hacienda near the city of Phoenix, capital of Arizona, transmits Bi-bi-si. There is a woman who for about ten years in a coma after an accident, December 29, gave birth to a boy.

Clinic Hacienda, according to its website, provides palliative care – specialized services for terminally ill infants, children, adolescents and young adults in Arizona.

TV channel si-bi-es, citing sources reported that hospital staff did not know about the pregnancy of the patient. The clinic said that “deeply concerned about what happened.”

The source channel noted that the woman needed constant care and access to her room were many employees.

The lawyer, John Michaels, representing the interests of the family of the patient reported that, according to relatives, she was in an “extremely vulnerable position”.

“Obviously the family is outraged, hurt and shocked that their daughter was abused, and the fact that she was not paying enough attention at the clinic Hacienda” – he said to TV channel EN-bi-si.

Relatives, he said, not willing to make public statements. The lawyer passed their words that the unborn baby will be “loving family that will take care of it”. Details about the injured patient, including her name, were not disclosed.

We know only that she was chained to the apparatus of artificial life support after she drowned. It is also reported that the patient is a native American from a tribe of the Apache Indians from San Carlos.

“I am deeply shocked and horrified by how he treated one of our members – said the head of the tribe, Terry Rambler. – When your loved one provide palliative care when it is most vulnerable and dependent on others, you trust his guardians. Unfortunately, one of her guardians could not be trusted, and he took it.”

Police launched an investigation into the incident and collects materials DNA from the men working in the clinic. On a press-conferences the representative of the state police said that he was unaware of cases of non-delivery of the biomaterial. The clinic said that they will do everything to the police investigation yielded results as soon as possible.

“We will continue to cooperate with the police in Phoenix and other investigative bodies to get to the truth in this unprecedented history that we are deeply shocked,” – said in the hospital.

The health Department of Arizona reported that he had checked the conditions of detention of patients in hospital and it introduced enhanced security measures. In particular, as have informed in police of Phoenix, now the men come into the chamber to patients unless accompanied by women.

Soon after it became known about the incident, Executive Director of the Corporation, responsible for clinic Hacienda in Arizona, bill Timmons, resigned. Executive Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the same company Gary Orman said he will seek a full report about the incident.

“We will do everything we can to ensure the safety of each of our patients and our employees”, – he promised.


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