The amazing thing — dictatorship


Удивительная вещь — диктатура

Amazing all the same thing — dictatorship. Read the story — none of the more or less well-known tyrants did not possess superhuman abilities. No one knew how to fly, possessed with the gift of immortality and she could not let lightning from his eyes. Was not among them stone giants or fire-breathing dragons. No. And on the contrary — they were quite ordinary people, most ordinary set of qualities. Simple, ordinary guys all were. Like you and me.

Well, what was Hitler, for example? Well, yelled. So you know how I know how to shout? I was so mad at the new neighbors who came up to smoke on set, and there leave his stinking jar of cigarette butts, so I yelled at them, what a pleasure to listen to and to watch, that’s how I yelled. I yelled, some part was watching myself from the side and admired! I applauded myself mentally! Here is shouts of people, so I understand — tries. Crazy-eyed, bulging, face purple, facial expressions terrible, forehead sweating with exertion stood out, his big hands waving and terrible churning growl of curses and threats.

And try to argue! The throat on the fly will eat. Out subimage something like klatsat ASP! Whole soul gives the process without the rest! Old Stanislavsky directly would kiss and said through thick tears of emotion — I believe, I believe, God damn you sinner! Good, sod off! Stirred up the whole soul, naughty!

And when my old lady to the scandal that household connected with a squeal rolled out from the apartment to tear smokers on the fur — so they at all regretted that the evolution led by Charles Darwin brought them from the depths, making upright and crossed here with us on the same floor. Would now be a fish swam in the sea-ocean, but kept quiet satisfied. And then you learned to smoke on his head, now to disentangle.

However digress.

And people listen to it, or something like this, only in kings, kings, leaders and Fuhrers, and are scared. Afraid of themselves and afraid of others. The big bosses bring to seizures of small heads, those, in turn, pounce and bite subordinates all classes that are subordinate to come home, irritated evaluate the state dinner as unsatisfactory and yelling at wives, wives, rightly believing that the best part of their life cycle given the wrong, and not weighed slap negligent and Radivoje children, children, enough narovensis, hauling smelly cat tails and break my freshly planted birch trees in parks, cats start to Poo anywhere and tear expensive German hall Wallpaper, birch trees grow in spite of all stunted, crooked, but widely ramified poplars, from which then knocks down around such that it is unclear how in General now to live on, and even the weather becomes some not so, as whiny and nasty, not like before and shit.

And no one, absolutely no one comes to mind to stop all this immediately. To stop being scared and to scare. And this reluctance is very surprising to me personally, guys.


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